Franceschi family board structure, FranceschiAdvisor was co-founded by Pascal Franceschi.

It specializes in various types of arbitrages, investments, marketings and restructuring of commercial networks.


Its specificity lies in the strength of the 25 years of know-how acquired by its founders and it is in this respect that it intervenes in the development of parks of various brands, with the objective of transforming them into strong potentials and profitable regardless of the territories.


As a shareholder of GFRE, FranceschiAdvisor combines flexibility and creativity around a strong entrepreneurial capital.


By taking advantage of its agility in the long term, FranceschiAdvisor innovates to accompany the transformation of the commercial landscape, all with a vision in advance.


The volumes of the assets developed by FranceschiAdvisor have an average value of between 20 and 300 million euros.