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In a constant dialogue between tradition and modernity, FranceschiAdvisor is dedicated to making Art accessible to as many people as possible.

To illustrate its activities, the choice fell on the French school of painting of the seventeenth century. The themes of idealization and clarity here are an echo of FranceschiAdvisor's vocation: to write in an ever-clearer clarity, an ideal future.

The photographic contents of this website are from the following sources:

- WeAreBuilding; Promotional Clip 2019 of FranceschiAdvisor (© 2019 - Franceschi Financial)

- Landscape with the dance of the nymphs and satyrs, Claude Gellée, known as "the Lorrain", Oil on canvas, 1641

- Landscape with fantasy view of Tivoli, Claude Gellée, known as "Le Lorrain", 1642

- Landscape with Acis and Galatea, Claude Gellée, known as "the Lorrain", 1657

- Landscape after Claude Lorrain, Claude Gellée, known as "the Lorrain",

- Noli me tangere, Claude Gellée, known as "Le Lorrain", 1681, Frankfurt-on-Main, Städelsches Kunstinstitut

- The judgment of Paris, Pierre Paul Rubens, Oil on canvas, 1636-1638, Madrid, National Prado Museum

- Landscape in calm weather, Nicolas Poussin, 1651

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